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Laser Hair and Vein Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Bex Laser Aesthetix uses the Astanza MeDioStar to deliver the fastest, most comfortable, and effective laser hair removal treatments throughout Arlington, Texas. This groundbreaking technology features the industry’s largest spot size for speedy laser sessions, unparalleled power for long-lasting results, and a cutting-edge cooling system for painless application.

The MeDioStar is a revolutionary diode laser that delivers permanent hair-reduction and smooth skin. This advanced system uses a unique 810 nm and 940 nm wavelength combination that guarantees optimal melanin absorption in hair while protecting the surrounding skin tissue. The MeDioStar can treat the deepest hair follicles and offers safe treatment for all skin types, even dark skin types IV-VI and newly tanned skin!

Featuring two handpieces for hair removal, XL and S, Bex Laser Aesthetix is able to treat both small and large areas swiftly and efficiently. Our XL handpiece showcases the industry’s largest spot size at 10 cm2 and can treat large areas like the back, chest, full legs, full arms, and more in as little as 4 minutes! Our S handpiece’s spot size measures at 1 cm2 and is ideal for targeting small treatment areas like the underarms, bikini area, knuckles, and face. Bex Laser Aesthetix also uses a special VAS handpiece to specifically target and remove unwanted vascular lesions and spider veins. What’s more, each handpiece uses an integrated 360° skin cooling system to cool the skin prior to each laser pulse, maximizing patient comfort and reducing thermal injury.

Laser Vascular Lesion Removal

During a laser treatment, our Astanza MeDioStar laser’s VAS handpiece emits light energy onto the unwanted vessel. The energy is absorbed by the hemoglobin of the blood and warms it up significantly, causing it to coagulate and close up. The laser specifically targets the blood in the vessel and not the surrounding water, ensuring optimal damage to the vascular lesion while protecting the skin.

Treatments are very quick and require no downtime. Most clients will see significant results after one treatment, while others may require a few additional treatments depending on how large their vessel is.

Clients may experience temporary redness and swelling immediately following treatment. A small bruise may also form post-treatment but will heal naturally and reveal clear, blemish-free skin.